"Aim to inspire envy of your beauty"

The skin to women has the power to keep her from grasping the desire to protect herself. The beautiful skin is a proud source of price, which completes the beauty. 'Belathena' Studied constantly to get rid of the moment your face losing light in front of the passage of time. 'Belathena' was born with the heart of protecting the dignified skin even in front of time. With the best technology and bio solution, you can change your skin cells and improve your skin problem. 'Belathena' will give you the power to break your skin of years.


Belathena's technology - Cosmetics Ingredient Delivery System

The thechnology which delivers all the important ingredients without any loss. It is a safe and stable drug delivery system in 3 steps of raw materialization-Formulation-Skin Application, transferring the rich active ingredients to the skin without destroying the skin cells.

Combination of Technology & Bio

Belathena is a cosmetic brand of Dongbang Medical which produces high-quality oriental medical equipments with excellent technology and advanced manufacturing facilities. 30 years of know-how dissolved in the needle technology and bio technology are combined with cosmetics will change the aged and damaged cells.